7 Best Brat Recipes for Game Day or Any Day

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7 Best Brat Recipes for Game Day or Any Day

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September 2 2020


Up your game day (or any day) menu by grilling brats instead of dogs! Hy-Vee offers many specialty flavored brats ranging from classic beer brats to jalapeno cheddar to apple-brown sugar-maple. Once you pair these flavored brats with toppings, the combinations are endless! Which flavor will you grill up for game day? Don't worry! We've paired our favorite flavors with a few toppings and Hy-Vee Bakery brat buns to make your grill out even easier.

  1. The Chicago Brat

    It doesn't matter if you love Chicago or these pairings! You can't go wrong with Hy-Vee's special recipe fresh pork bratwurst topped with sauerkraut, pickles, and yellow mustard.

  2. The Bahn Mi Brat

    If you love the fresh flavors of a Bahn Mi, you're going to love this brat! Pair a Hy-Vee pineapple-flavored brat with fresh veggies and topped with a smoky chipotle mayonnaise.

  3. The Spicy Brat

    Grill up a jalapeno cheddar brat and top with spicy sliced jalapenos, salty crumbled feta cheese, and drizzle with sriracha sauce. YUM!

  4. The Burger Brat

    Did you know brat patties are a thing? Did you know that you can use them to make this double-decker brat burger?! 

  5. The BLT Brat

    Minus the L (the lettuce is everyone's least favorite part ... right?!) Pair a bacon cheddar brat with chopped tomatoes, green onions, and red onions.

  6. The Philly Brat

    Green onion brat anyone? What about topping it with Provolone cheese and sauteed vegetables to create a Philly-style brat?

  7. The Classic Beer Brat

    Mmm... Who doesn't love a beer brat? Simmer Hy-Vee special recipe bratwursts in your favorite lager right there on the grill. You'll love how easy this recipe is!