Shrimp and Broccoli Pasta with Mustard-Caper Sauce


Shrimp and Broccoli Pasta with Mustard-Caper Sauce

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Spaghetti topped with shrimp, parsley, and broccoli

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Serves 4
    4 c. broccoli florets
    2 tbsp. Hy-Vee Select extra-virgin olive oil
    2 tbsp. minced shallots
    2 clove(s) garlic, minced
    1 lbs. medium shrimp, peeled, deveined, tails removed
    ½ c. dry white wine or chicken broth
    ½ c. Hy-Vee chicken broth
    2 tbsp. Hy-Vee Dijon mustard
    8 oz. angel hair pasta
    3 tbsp. capers


    1. Bring 3 quarts salted water to boiling. Add broccoli; cook 2 minutes or until crisp-tender. With slotted spoon remove broccoli to colander; rinse with cold water. Drain well, set aside. Do not drain boiling water; keep over high heat.
    2. Meanwhile, in large skillet heat oil over medium-high heat. Add shallots and garlic; cook and stir 2 to 3 minutes or until fragrant. Add shrimp; cook and stir 3 to 5 minutes or until shrimp turn pink.
    3. Add wine, chicken broth and mustard; stir well. Add cooked broccoli. Toss and stir.
    4. Meanwhile, cook pasta in reserved boiling water according to package directions. Drain.
    5. Add cooked pasta to shrimp and broccoli. Add capers; toss to mix.

    Nutrition facts


    430 Calories per serving

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Total Fat: 10g
    • Cholesterol: 140mg
    • Sodium: 590mg
    • Total Carbohydrates: 52g
    • Protein: 28g

    Recipe Source:

    Try-Foods International.