Chef Jack's Grilled Citrus-Marinated Halibut Steaks with Peachy Salsa


Chef Jack's Grilled Citrus-Marinated Halibut Steaks with Peachy Salsa

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Plate of Halibut Steak topped with Peachy Salsa and a side of Asparagus

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    With its mild taste, halibut is a good choice for a fruit salsa. Each flavor complements the other, and this ocean fish has a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Pair this juicy fish with a Gose beer or Chardonnay wine.

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Serves 4
    Marinade ingredients:
    ½ c. Hy-Vee orange juice
    3 tbsp. Hy-Vee Select olive oil
    1 lime, zested and juiced
    2 tbsp. Hy-Vee brown sugar
    1 clove garlic, finely chopped
    ¼ tsp. Hy-Vee sea salt
    ¼ tsp. freshly cracked Hy-Vee black pepper
    4 (6 oz each) halibut steaks
    Peachy salsa ingredients:
    2 c. chopped peaches
    ¼ c. chopped red onion
    ¼ c. chopped red, yellow or orange bell pepper
    1 tbsp. finely chopped fresh cilantro
    1 jalapeno or Serrano pepper, seeded and finely chopped
    1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    ¼ tsp. Hy-Vee sea salt


    1. Combine orange juice, olive oil, lime zest and juice, brown sugar, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Place halibut steaks in a resealable plastic bag and pour in marinade. Reseal, shake gently and refrigerate 30 minutes to 1 hour.
    2. Meanwhile, prepare salsa. Combine peaches, red onion, bell pepper, cilantro, jalapeno, lime juice and sea salt in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate until serving time.
    3. Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Spray grill rack with grill-safe nonstick spray.
    4. Grill halibut steaks, covered, 4 to 5 minutes per side or until fish begins to flake easily with a fork. Remove fish from grill and serve immediately with peach salsa.

    Nutrition facts


    270 Calories per serving

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Total Fat: 7g
    • Cholesterol: 70mg
    • Sodium: 250mg
    • Total Carbohydrates: 12g
    • Protein: 36g

    Daily Values

    Vitamin A 10%
    Vitamin C 45%
    Iron 2%
    Calcium 2%

    Recipe Source:

    Hy-Vee Seasons Back to School 2011.