7 Street Food Recipe Makeovers with Fewer Than 450 Calories

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7 Street Food Recipe Makeovers with Fewer Than 450 Calories

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July 25 2018


We rounded up our favorite food truck orders and developed recipes that were much, much better for us. 

  1. Asian Pulled Pork Sliders

    Keep all the flavor by using adobo sauce and thai chili sauce and pile it high with fresh slaw.

    Calories: 300

  2. Fresh Spring Rolls with Chili-Peanut Sauce

    Stuff rice papers with fresh ingredients for a light, no-fry spring roll. Because it's all about the dipping sauce anyway.

    Calories: 170

  3. Breaded Fish Tacos with Hatch Pepper Crema

    We used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to cut calories but save all the flavor of this subtly spicy crema.

    Calories: 350

  4. Jicama Fries, Fully Loaded

    Jicama is a light, lower-calories alternative to potatoes, and it even has more fiber. This batch is loaded with lean sirloin steak and drizzled with a Sriracha mayo sauce.

    Calories: 250

  5. Lobster Roll Tacos

    You'll forget all about ordinary tacos at first bite. 

    Calories: 440

  6. Grilled Bahn Mi Brats

    This street food classic is topped with an abundance of fresh vegetables tossed in a spicy jalapeno hot sauce.

    Calories: 370

  7. Shaved Ice

    Make multiple juice reductions for the rainbow effect. It's so worth it.

    Calories: 220