4 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Fish and Shellfish

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4 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Fish and Shellfish

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February 25 2020


You may have heard the recommendation from health experts to eat seafood at least twice a week. Well, the same applies to kids. Fish and shellfish have many nutrients that are important for strong bones, brain development, and healthy hearts. But getting your little ones to buy in might be easier said than done. That's why we turned to our Hy-Vee dietitians and the experts at seafoodnutrition.org to collect the best tips and recipes for getting the kids to look forward to a surf's up lunch or dinner.


  1. Go-Fish Tacos

    Not only do these tasty tacos have a fun name, they're the perfect example of what we call the "seafood swap." By replacing beef or chicken with seafood in dishes kids are familiar with, they're more likely to give it a go. Bonus points if you let them choose their own toppings.

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  2. Shrimp Pesto Pizza

    You can probably already see where we're going with this... Try adding seafood to their favorite thing in the whole world—pizza.

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  3. Tropical Tuna Salad on Pineapple Plates

    Another tactic is the novelty approach, like serving tropical tuna salad on fresh pineapple plates.

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  4. Crispy Potato Chip Fish Fingers

    If the only seafood they're eating is fish fingers, try a similar homemade version to help them branch out. This simple 4-ingredient recipe will be a new go-to.