4 Black Inventors Who Made a Difference in What We Eat and Drink

4 Black Inventors Who Made a Difference in What We Eat and Drink

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February 7 2023


Here's a nod to Black inventors who have made our lives easier, healthier and happier.

  1. Henry Blair

    Henry Blair was a farmer who invented two devices to increase agricultural productivity: the corn planter in 1834 and the cotton planter in 1836. His inventions helped farmers become more efficient and grow more food in mass quantities.

    Photo courtesy of: www.blackinventor.com

  2. Nathan Green

    Nathan Green was a master distiller who is credited with teaching Jasper “Jack” Daniel his distilling techniques and methods. Nathan later became the first master distiller for Jack Daniels, the famous Tennessee whiskey that many people drink today. 

    Photo courtesy of: www.cbsnews.com

  3. Joseph Lee

    In 1902, Joseph Lee invented and patented an automatic bread-making machine that could knead dough, allowing for a more efficient way to make bread.

    Photo courtesy of: www.forbes.com

  4. Lloyd Augustus Hall

    A pharmaceutical chemist, Lloyd Hall developed techniques to preserve food that revolutionized the meatpacking industry.

    Photo courtesy of: www.invent.org