7 Foods That Reduce Kids' Stress

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7 Foods That Reduce Kids' Stress

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Lunchbox with whole grain bread, milk, cheese, fruit, avocado, and crackers


March 25 2020


Whether it's a new school year or the kids are cooped up at home, discover which nutrients and foods can help your kids ward off anxiety and overall stress. 

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  1. Foods with Folate, Zinc, and Magnesium

    According to the American Journal of Public Health, these nutrients might help stabilize mood and stave off depression in children and adolescents. 

    Foods with FolateAsparagus, avocados, beets, beans (black, kidney, pinto), chickpeas, oranges, quinoa, romaine, salmon, spinach 
    Foods with Magnesium: Almonds, black beans, canned tuna, cashews, edamame, oatmeal
    Foods with Zinc: Almonds, beans, beef, eggs, lentils, quinoa, salmon, shrimp, spinach, turkey

    Some foods, such as certain cereals, are fortified with these nutrients. Be sure to check the nutrition label. 

  2. Whole Grains

    Whole grains containing the endosperm, bran, and germ provide fiber, folate and other B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc—all of which play an important role in kids' health.

    Whole GrainsBrown rice, buckwheat, bulgur (cracked wheat), oatmeal and rolled oats, popcorn, quinoa, wild rice, whole wheat bread, cereal, crackers, pasta, tortillas

  3. Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and veggies not only contain many, many vitamins and minerals for health, they also contain fiber, which is good for the gut, and can even affect your child's overall mood. Fruits and vegetables also provide an assortment of antioxidants, which help the body deal with all kinds of stresses. 

    Fruits High in Fiber: Raspberries, apples (with the peel), mangoes, bananas, oranges, strawberries
    Vegetables High in Fiber: Dark leafy greens, carrots, beets, broccoli, artichokes, potatoes (with skin)

  4. Foods with Protein

    Protein is crucial for healthy growth and development. Replacing foods that are high in sugar with foods that have some protein and fiber can help prevent those dreaded sugar crashes. 

    Foods with Protein: Lean beef, poultry, and pork; fish and seafood; milk and yogurt; nuts and seeds; eggs; beans

  5. Dairy

    Calcium in dairy builds strong bones, and vitamins A, B, and D, magnesium, and zinc help support a healthy immune system, muscle growth, energy levels, and sleep—all things that can affect stress levels and mood.

    Dairy: Milk, milk-based yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese

  6. Foods with Healthy Fats

    Fats allow bodies to absorb vitamins and help build sheaths around nerves. Focus on unsaturated fats and limit saturated fat to less than 10 percent of daily calories.

    Healthy Fats: Avocados, nuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, canola oil, olive oil, salmon

  7. Foods with Vitamin C

    You may have heard that foods rich with vitamin C can help keep kids' immune systems healthy. But did you know it also helps with the development of neurotransmitters—important chemicals for the nervous system. 

    Foods with Vitamin C: Red bell peppers, berries, oranges, brocccoli, pineapple, potatoes, kiwifruit, Brussels sprouts, mangoes