8 Recipes for All the Bacon-Loving Dads

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8 Recipes for All the Bacon-Loving Dads

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June 18 2020


From pancakes with bacon and beer to a bacon-wrapped meat loaf, here's a few menu ideas for all the bacon-loving dads. 

  1. Banana Brew-Bacon Pancakes

    A trio of banana, beer, and pancakes for breakfast—it's like the a.m. wish list come true. 

  2. Bacon Spirals

    Bacon with a sweet and spicy twist, these spirals, served with a side of scrambled eggs or toast, is a magical way to start the day. 

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  3. Maple-Bacon Cannolis

    Everything you love about cannolis with a crispy bacon shell and maple flavored ricotta filling. 

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  4. Bacon Bloody Mary

    The bacon-flavor in this drink doesn't come from the crispy bacon garnish, it comes from the bacon-infused vodka. 

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  5. Chocolate Bacon Chips

    It's combination we weren't sure would work, but if you like salty, smoky and sweet together, give it a try.

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  6. Bacon Pecan Pie Bars with Whiskey

    If Dad's got a sweet tooth, but also loves bacon, we have just the recipe.

  7. Fried Bacon Cheddar Balls

    We love everything about the title of this recipe. And it's as good as it sounds. 

  8. Planked BBQ Bacon Meat Loaf

    For a really impressive Father's Day meal, grab a grilling plank and fire up the grill.

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