14 Clever Father's Day Gifts to Grab at Hy-Vee

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14 Clever Father's Day Gifts to Grab at Hy-Vee

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June 2 2021


Shopping for Dad doesn't have to be tough! Check out these cute and clever DIY Father's Day gift ideas you can get at your local Hy-Vee or on Aisles Online.

Also be sure to check out our ready-made Father's Day gift baskets for delivery or pickup

  1. Fortunate for Dad

    We see good food and drinks in Dad's future. Pick up the fixings for his favorite signature cocktail and a gift card for some HyChi.

    Or get HyChi via Mealtime To Go, and we'll bring your order for Dad right out to your car!

  2. The Coolest S'mores Gift Ever

    Make more memories by making more s'mores. Fill an empty cooler with all the makings of this iconic campfire treat. 

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  3. Movie Night In

    Spend some quality time with Dad and all your favorite movie snacks. He'll appreciate not having to pay theater prices for popcorn. 

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  4. Cocktail Connoisseur

    Raise your glass to Dad. Our Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits experts are happy to offer recommendations for a Father's Day celebration.

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  5. Latte Love

    If he's a coffee drinker, you can't go wrong with this clever message and gift.

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  6. Chacuterie Bouquet

    He might not buy it for himself, but we promise he'll like it. Your Hy-Vee cheese specialist can help you find a combination of meats and cheeses that work with any budget.

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  7. Big Winners

    Give Dad the chance to hit the jackpot with a lucky lotto arrangement. Because who knows? ... And maybe he'll share.

  8. Cooking Together

    What's Dad's favorite pizza? Pick up all the go-to toppings and cheeses and spend some time together in the kitchen.

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  9. Steak Lovers

    What would he order in a steakhouse? Ribeye or New York Strip? Pick up Dad's favorite cuts, along with some new steak knives, and get grilling.

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  10. King of the Grill

    Speaking of grilling, make sure your dad has all the tools he'll need for the summer!

    BONUS: Shop Hy-Vee's meat bundles to get a variety of grilling meats in one convenient package.

  11. Go Fish

    For the fisherman with a sweet tooth, it's hard no to love this sweet tackle box.

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  12. Shaving Face

    Assemble a shaving kit filled with the essentials like shaving cream and a razor, plus extras like cool, soothing aftershave.

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  13. Self-Care for Dad

    Dads need time to themselves too! Make it easier with a gift focused on self-care.

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  14. Gift Cards Galore

    Hy-Vee carries dozens of gift cards for restaurants, retail stores, and more. Choose your dad's favorite and tuck it inside a funny card.

    Better yet, get him a Hy-Vee Plus membership so he can get free grocery delivery, additional Fuel Saver opportunities, and many more exclusive offers each month!