15 Popular Summer Cocktails Just Begging for a Patio Party

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15 Popular Summer Cocktails Just Begging for a Patio Party

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Two glasses of strawberry frozen slushy, garnished with lime slices


June 18 2021


Kick back and enjoy the heat with one of these fresh and fruity cocktails. Also, news flash: Row Vodka, Cross Keys 5-Year Aged Rum, and Finagrens Irish Whiskey are among the new arrivals. Look for them in the Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits department.

  1. Strawberry Froze Slushy

    Happy hour became a better place when we started blending rose wine into our slushies. 

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  2. Rosemary-Cherry Limeade Vodka Slushy

    The secret ingredient in this recipe is our homemade rosemary-lime simple syrup. It just works.

  3. Grapefruit Vodka Soda

    Sweet. But not too sweet. And just the right amount of bitter. Grapefruit fans might deem this their new go-to.

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  4. Bubbly Citrus Cocktail

    Bubbly and delicious is the only way to describe this simple cocktail.

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  5. Strawberry-Pineapple Wine Slushee

    A two-toned favorite, this frozen specialty blends frozen pineapple and strawberries with white wine.

  6. Smoky Pineapple Margarita

    Grilled fruit in cocktails is by far the best trend we've ever sipped.

  7. Honeydew Mojito

    For all you non-coconut lovers out there, try using Cross Keys Rum instead of Malibu. Both work deliciously with the mint and lime. 

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  8. Raspberry Tea Cocktails

    Sweet summer tea and vodka. That's our kind of cocktail. 

  9. Watermelon Mojito

    Mint, watermelon, lime—everything about this cocktail balances beautifully. 

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  10. Corona Beer-Rita

    Honestly, we were skeptical about this drink, but that was before we got a taste. The sour mix really brings it all together. 

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  11. Raspberry Sangria

    Nothing too fancy about this, it's just 3 ingredients: white wine, club soda, and fresh berries. 

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  12. Orange Mojito

    Orange and mint? Yes way. It's our new favorite signature drink.

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  13. Citrus Berry Sangrias

    This Italian-inspired sangria is a mix of fresh citrus and sparkling wines, finished with white grapefruit juice. Delish! But it's even better if you make it in advance and chill it for at least 2 hours. 

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  14. Izze Blackberry Punch

    Flavored sparkling water and champagne with sugar and white rum—it's a great mix, and the level of sugar can be adjusted to taste. 

  15. Grilled Peach Sangria

    Again with the grilled fruit. We can't get enough. Except this drink gets triple the peach flavor with peach juice, fresh grilled peaches, and a nice pour of peach schnapps—all mixed with your preference of white wine.

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