7 Savory Recipes That Use Blackberries as a Secret Ingredient

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7 Savory Recipes That Use Blackberries as a Secret Ingredient

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May 9 2019


What's our secret to these can't-get-enough recipes? It's simple: blackberries. Learn why they pair so well with balsamic vinegars, barbecue sauces, pork, and beef. 

  1. Salmon and Sweet Potato Salad

    Why it works: Tart balsamic vinegar and sweet blackberries cut the richness of the salmon and play off the fresh greens and roasted sweet potatoes.

  2. Blackberry Grilled Cheese

    Why it works: Blackberries cut the richness in this brie grilled cheese. Plus, they add a nice crunchy texture to the grilled cheese.

  3. Blackberry-Bourbon Burger Sliders

    Why it works: Sweet and tart blackberry jelly tones down the harshness of the bourbon to pair with this juicy grilled beef slider.

  4. Blackberry-Chipotle Jam

    Why it works: Because who doesn't want sweet and smoky? The blackberries add sweetness while the chipotle peppers add smokiness. 

  5. Steak and Blackberry Salad

    Why it works: Blackberries and mustard are a match made in flavor heaven! 

  6. Smoky Baby Back Ribs with Blackberry Barbecue Sauce

    Why it works: Sweet and smoky barbecue sauce needs something a little sweet to keep you going back for more. In this recipe, that "something sweet" includes a double-dose of blackberries: fresh berries and jam included.

  7. Grilled Tuna with Fresh Berry Sauce

    Why it works: The three ingredient blackberry, lemon, and honey sauce brighten up the flavor of the grilled tuna.