8 Spicy but Not Too Spicy Recipes to Celebrate Hatch Chile Season

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8 Spicy but Not Too Spicy Recipes to Celebrate Hatch Chile Season

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August 5 2021


Late summer is the peak of hatch chile season, so if you see 'em, stock up. There are salsas, enchiladas, biscuits, cheesy rice, and even hatch pepper paloma recipes to be made.

  1. Hatch Pepper Cheese Danishes

    Use Hy-Vee refrigerated crescent roll dough to make these flaky, and cheesy, hatch pepper danishes. 

  2. Hatch Pepper Palomas

    Give a spicy kick to a traditional Mexican grapefruit Paloma. Use Hatch peppers while they're in season for a little something special.

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  3. Cast Iron Hatch Pepper Biscuits

    You won't be able to get enough of these sweet, spicy, and cheesy biscuits. Serve on their own as a side, or use them to make a delicious, and flaky, breakfast sandwich.


  4. Hatch Gazpacho

    A popular dish in Spain and Portugal, Gazpacho is a chilled soup made primarily of raw vegetables. Once you get a taste, you might start to wonder how else you can serve Gazpacho. With chips? Drizzled over corn salad? In a shooter glass with shrimp skewers? 

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  5. Black Bean and Hatch Chile Salsa

    It's the kind of fresh salsa that needs no additional seasoning. And it's not just for chips. Try it with grilled meats or stirred into rice for a simple side.

  6. 3 Pepper Spicy Polenta

    Triple the heat... but in a not-too-hot way. This dish combines hatch peppers, jalapenos, and Sriracha—cooled, sort of, by a creamy, cheesy polenta.

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  7. Hatch Chile Pepper Chicken Enchiladas

    Creamy and mildly spicy, this highly rated enchilada recipe is a must during the height of hatch season.

  8. Quick Hatch Chile Salsa Fresca

    Summer salsa at its finest, this quick dip shows off the best of hatch season, and with only 5 ingredients.