10 Steak and Seafood Choices for Surf and Turf on the Grill

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10 Steak and Seafood Choices for Surf and Turf on the Grill

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March 8 2018


Learn about our top picks for grilling steaks and seafood, and discover our favorite recipes for a mix-and-match surf and turf. 

  1. T-bone

    This steak, sometimes called a porterhouse, takes its name from the prominent T-shape bone. It should rightly be considered two steaks—on one side of the bone is a strip steak and on the other, a portion of tenderloin. However, the bone serves a purpose. It adds flavor and helps the steak stay juicy as it grills.

  2. Strip Steak

    A fine-grain cut, the strip steak—also called the top loin or New York strip—strikes a balance between richer cuts like the rib-eye and leaner cuts such as the tenderloin. It is flavorful and quick to grill.

  3. Rib Eye

    This is a fine-grained boneless steak with generous marbling throughout, which makes it especially juicy and succulent. It’s considered one of the most tender cuts, second in this list only to the tenderloin filet.

  4. Tenderloin

    A compact steak, the tenderloin is so called because it is literally the most tender cut of beef. It also is quite lean with little intramuscular fat. This makes the subtly flavored filet a healthy beef option for meat-lovers.

  5. Sirloin

    Known for being a good family steak, sirloin is leaner and cheaper than luxury cuts yet has nearly the same flavor, tenderness and juiciness. Although it isn’t featured in our Surf & Turf recipes, it makes a fine pound-for-pound substitute for strip steak or rib eye.

  6. Flank

    This lean cut boasts exceptional flavor and makes an excellent cut for the grill. It comprises long muscle fibers that can be tough; the trick is to slice the cooked meat thinly against the grain. This cut is ideal for tacos, fajitas and sliders.

  7. Shrimp

    Easily the most popular shellfish to eat, thanks to its versatility, shrimp are readily available at Hy-Vee both in fresh and frozen form. Fresh shrimp should smell of the sea with no hint of ammonia; rinse and blot dry with paper towels before preparing to cook. Frozen shrimp can be quickly thawed under cold, running water. For convenience, consider purchasing shrimp peeled and deveined.

  8. Crab

    Tender crabmeat is a delicious contrast to grilled beef, making it ideal for Surf & Turf. The jumbo lump variety designation notes the size of the chunks, rather than the type of crab. You want big pieces, if possible. Though crab is precooked, it’s still a good idea to sort through the meat for any stray bits of shell.

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  9. Lobster

    There are two types of lobster, and both are tender and delicious. The first is the sweet-fleshed cold-water lobster, pictured above, which is easily identified by the large claws. The second is the warm-water spiny lobster, also called a rock lobster, which does not have claws. It’s comparable in taste to the cold-water variety, though the meat of warm-water lobster is firmer and not as sweet.

  10. Scallops

    There are several types of scallops, but the sea scallop, which is about the size of a golf ball, is ideal for grilling. Sea scallops are pale beige and smell sweet when fresh. Before cooking, pull off the small bit of side muscle on each scallop, which can become chewy.