Catfish Nuggets with Chipotle Ketchup


Catfish Nuggets with Chipotle Ketchup

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    Catfish nuggets are the perfect shareable appetizer or main dish! We love that these are bite sized; more surface area for that unbelievably crunchy batter. What's fried fish without a little dipping sauce? Try the Chipotle Ketchup recipe below or check out our Roasted Garlic Yogurt Everything Sauce recipe. 

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Serves 2
    2 Hy-Vee large eggs, slightly beaten
    ¾ c. Hy-Vee plain panko bread crumbs
    ¼ c. fresh cilantro, finely chopped
    2 tbsp. Luvafoodie seafood spice blend, divided
    14 oz. Hy-Vee Fish Market fresh skinless farm-raised catfish fillets, finely chopped
    1 c. Hy-Vee ketchup
    1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
    1 tbsp. canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, finely chopped
    Hy-Vee vegetable oil , for frying
    Kosher salt, to taste

    Things To Grab

    • Large rimmed baking pan
    • Parchment paper
    • Small bowl
    • Deep fat fryer or large heavy saucepan
    • Paper towels


    1. Line a large rimmed baking pan with parchment paper; set aside. Stir together beaten eggs, bread crumbs, cilantro and 1 tablespoon seafood spice blend. Add catfish; gently stir until combined.

    2. Form catfish mixture into 12 (2-inch-round) patties. Place patties in prepared baking pan; refrigerate 20 minutes.

    3. Stir together ketchup, remaining 1 tablespoon seafood spice blend, lime juice, and chipotle peppers in a small bowl; set aside.

    4. Heat oil to 350 degrees in a deep-fat fryer or large heavy saucepan suitable for deep-fat frying. Follow instructions for quantity of oil in deep-fat fryer. For heavy saucepan, use at least 2 inches of oil.

    5. Fry catfish patties, 6 at a time, 4 to 6 minutes or until 145 degrees and golden brown. Drain on paper towels; season to taste with kosher salt. Serve with chipotle ketchup.

      Hyvee Culinary Expert Tip
      Nutrition facts cannot be accurately calculated for fried foods.
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