Substitutions to Lower Calories

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7 Healthy Substitutions to Lower Calories

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April 2 2018


Try these smart choices to consume fewer calories.

  1. Soup

    Skip the broccoli cheese soup and reach for tomato. This will save you 135 calories.

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  2. Veggie Fries

    Swapping 20 fries for 20 baby carrots saves you 120 calories. Or try making these savory Carrot Veggie Fries.

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  3. Sparkling Water

    Reaching for no-calorie sparkling water instead of regular soda can save you 150 calories (and between 35 and 40 grams of sugar). And when it comes to juice, try cutting it with club soda to cut down on sugar.

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  4. Popcorn

    Switching to light popcorn instead of butter-smothered popcorn saves you 195 calories.

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  5. Lean Beef

    Reach for leaner ground meats. Replacing 85% lean ground beef with 93% or 96% lean ground beef can save you up to 165 calories.

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  6. Lighter Lattes

    Select a skinny latte coffee instead of one made with whole milk. This swap can save you up to 100 calories

  7. Thin and Crispy

    Go for thin crust. Compared to regular pizza, the thin crust will save you 60 calories per slice.