9 Stuffings Made with Fresh-Baked Artisan Bread

Holidays: Thanksgiving
9 Stuffings Made with Fresh-Baked Artisan Bread

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October 19 2022


Start with a loaf of artisan bread (or bagels) and end with a beautiful homemade stuffing. 

  1. Mixed Mushroom-Leek Stuffing Using Grains-of-the-Earth Bread

    This recipe is vegetarian but still has a full meaty taste.

  2. Sausage and Fennel Corn Bread Dressing

    To save oven space on Thanksgiving Day, cube bread for stuffing up to 2 days in advance, then let it sit at room temperature to dry out instead of baking.

  3. Fennel & Bacon Stuffing Using a French Baguette

    Smoked bacon and Italian sausage make a hearty contribution to this stuffing recipe.

  4. Sausage, Fennel & Apple Stuffing Using Garlic Sourdough

    Toast bread cubes and pine nuts until golden brown, and store them up to one day before making the stuffing.

  5. Butternut Squash Stuffing Using a French Baguette

    Butternut squash makes everything better, and better for you.

  6. Sausage-Herb Stuffing Using Artisan Settler's Bread

    This apple and pork stuffing makes for a comforting side dish.

  7. Italian All Natural Sausage Stuffing Using Focaccia

    Hot tip: Divide this stuffing and bake in muffin tins for individual portions. 

  8. Spicy Andouille Stuffing Using Cornbread

    Who says Thanksgiving dinner can't have a little kick to it?

  9. Everything Bagel & Bacon Stuffing Using (You Guessed It) Bagels

    This stuffing makes fabulous leftovers. Top with shredded turkey, gravy, and some cranberry sauce the next day.