5 Halloween Pizzas with a Spooky Twist

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5 Halloween Pizzas with a Spooky Twist

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October 19 2023


Ghosts, mummies and monsters on pizza? Oh my! Each slice of these spooky Halloween pizzas will make you scream.

  1. Ghost Pizza

    This friendly ghost pizza will vanish quickly... just like a ghost!

  2. Monster Faces on Pizza

    Don't be spooked! Your little monsters will love seeing a monster face on each pizza slice.

  3. Phantom Pizzas

    These spine-tingling bite-sized pizzas are as easy as it gets! All you need is refrigerated pizza dough, pizza sauce, cheese and a few Halloween cookie cutters.

  4. Mummy Family Calzones

    Build your own mummy with the kids this Halloween! Fill each mummy calzone with whatever toppings you desire. 

  5. Super-Quick Trick-or-Treat Pizza

    Bake an already-assembled Crav'n pizza according to package directions. For cheesy ghosts, cut slices of mozzarella cheese with a ghost-shape cookie cutter to layer on the hot pizza. Add black olive pieces for eyes, noses, and spiders.