Cute Holiday Treats

Holidays: Christmas
8 of the Cutest-Ever Holiday Treats

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November 27 2020


Oooohhh ... awwwww. These adorable creations are a few of our favorite holiday baking traditions.

  1. Ice Cream Ornaments

  2. Snowman Pops

  3. Rolo Reindeer

  4. Gingerbread Cutouts

  5. Cranberry-Pistachio Stars

  6. Coconut Snowman & His Strawberry Trees

    Coconut Snowman
    Make a double recipe of rice cereal treats and form 3-, 4- and 5-inch balls while still warm. Coat in melted white chocolate, roll in shredded coconut and stack to form a snowman. For hat, cut three Hy-Vee Bakery chocolate cookies using a 2-inch round cutter and place on top of chocolate cookie. Attach all pieces with melted white chocolate.

    Strawberry Trees
    Drizzle fresh strawberries with melted chocolate. Using wooden skewers, attach strawberries to a styrofoam base shaped like an upside-down cone. Dust with powdered sugar. 

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  7. Peppermint Candy Bowls

  8. Christmas Cookie Truffles

    Whip up some no-bake cookie truffles and decorate them with candy, cookie pieces, and pretzels.

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