Holiday Icebox Cookie Decorations

Holiday Icebox Cookie Decorations

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December 12 2023


To get ahead on holiday baking, prep the dough for basic icebox cookies then shape into a cylinder or square log and freeze. When it's cookie time, simply slice, bake and decorate as desired.

  1. Holiday Cheer

    Slice cookie dough. Carefully cut out centers. Decorate using green icing, red confetti sprinkles and white sparkling sugar.

  2. Sweater Weather

    Shape cookie dough into square logs; slice. Frost with white icing in a cable knit pattern. Top with round white sprinkles as desired.

  3. Santa's Helper

    Tint dough with red food gel. Slice cookie dough; cut slices into triangles, slightly curving the tops. Decorate with white icing, mini marshmallows and sanding crystals.

  4. Home for the Holiday

    Tint cookie dough with cocoa powder. Shape dough into square logs; slice. Cut one slice diagonally in half to form triangles to top squares. Decorate with white icing.

  5. Cute as a Button

    Slice cookie dough. Use a shot glass to make indentation for button rim. After baking, immediately cut 4 small holes in center of each cookie and frost with red icing. Use white icing to create stitches.

  6. Let it Snow

    Tint cookie dough with blue food gel. Slice cookie dough. Use toothpicks to create a snowflake imprint. Dip edges in melted white chocolate and sanding sugar.

  7. Candy Swirl

    Tint cookie dough with green food gel. Slice cookie dough. Create imprints using a measuring spoon. Sprinkle red sanding sugar in imprints.

  8. Stamp of Approval

    Shape dough into square logs; slice. Cut edges with scalloped pastry wheel. Frost with white icing. When dry, frost a tree shape with green icing. Add details with red icing gel.

  9. Reindeer

    Slice cookie dough and bake. Let cool and frost with eggnog nutmeg frosting. Sprinkle with white sanding sugar. Pipe antlers and eyes with black gel icing. Pipe nose with red gel icing.