5 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

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5 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

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November 26 2021


The holiday season means holiday parties! Show up with the most stylish hairstyle of the season with our tutorials. The best part? They’re super easy, and you can get all the products you need at Hy-Vee! Check out five of our favorites below.

  1. Top Knot Bun

    A classic, sleek bun is always in style! Comb your hair straight back in a high ponytail, then spray hairspray for grip and texture. Split your pony in half, then twist each piece and twist them together. Tie the end with an elastic, then wrap the twisted ponytail into a bun. Secure with bobby pins, and adjust as needed.

  2. Half Up

    Up or down? Why not both? This easy half up hairstyle is perfect when you want the best of both worlds. Start by gathering the top half of your hair into your hands, smoothing as you go. Tie it in a high half-pony using a clear elastic. Tease the ponytail in a downward motion towards the elastic band. Finish off with a festive holiday scrunchie!

  3. Wavy with Pins

    Old Hollywood glamor — updated. This classic wavy hairstyle gets a modern twist with the addition of decorative pins. Begin by curling your hair with your preferred hot tool of choice. Don’t forget the heat protection spray! Finger-comb the curls to soften them. Tuck your hair behind one ear, and start adding bobby pins. For the most seasonal look, alternate between gold and rose gold pins.

  4. Curly Updo

    This is for our curly girlies! Enhance your beautiful curls and waves with this simple updo. Start by applying mousse to shape your curls, then dutch braid one side of your hair and tie with a clear elastic. Pull to loosen slightly.

  5. Natural Hair

    Embrace your beautiful natural hair with this easy twist! Start by twisting hair on each side of your head into a flat twist, similar to a French braid. Wrap all the hair into a loose bun at the base of your neck with an elastic band. Add a gold thread through the twist and wrap it around the bun, using a bobby pin to thread.