What Exactly Is Dry Aged Beef and Where Do You Find It?

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What Exactly Is Dry Aged Beef and Where Do You Find It?

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December 26 2018


If you've tried it, then you know. Dry-aged beef has an intense flavor that can't be beat. Learn how Hy-Vee butchers use this special technique to produce some of the most tender and flavorful steaks around. And find out which Hy-Vee stores carry these specialty cuts.

What is Dry-Aged Beef?

Dry-aged beef is beef that is cut and shelved, uncovered, and placed in a climate-controlled area for 28 to 30 days for optimum tenderness and flavor.

Why Does My Steak Look Darker?

When the beef is placed in the climate-controlled area, it is not covered. This allows for chilled ambient air to come into contact with the surface of the beef which cases it to look darker and even dried out. But trust us, it's more tender than ever before.

Why Dry-Aged Beef?

It's all about the texture and flavor. Dry-aged beef is more tender and juicier because the enzymes within the beef break down proteins and fats. This results in beef that is more tender, juicier, and tastes even richer than ordinary beef. 

What are the Different Cuts Available?

The most common available cuts are rib eye and strip steaks. 

How Should I Prepare It?

You can prepare your dry-aged beef just as you would any other type of steak: pan seared, baked, grilled; really, however you want. Just make sure to use an instant-read meat thermometer to make sure it's done to your liking. We suggest 130 degrees for medium-rare and 140 for medium.

Where Can I Get Dry-Aged Beef?

Traditionally, dry-aged beef was only available to high-end steak houses. Lucky for us, it has become available in select grocery stores over the past few years. You can find this premium dry-aged steak in the specialized glass cabinets at the following Hy-Vee meat departments:

Dry-Aged Beef State & Location
Ankeny #2
Cedar Rapids #6
Des Moines #4
West Des Moines #3
West Des Moines #4
Olathe #1
Mankato #2
Rochester #3
Rochester #4
Columbia #2
Columbia #3
Independence #2
Lincoln #1
Omaha #1
Omaha #8
Omaha #9
Omaha #11
South Dakota
Sioux Falls #3