3 Simple Recipes for a European-Inspired Day

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3 Simple Recipes for a European-Inspired Day

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Salted caramel buttercream sandwiched between two waffle crisp cookies and partially dipped in dark chocolate and covered in chopped pistachios


March 1 2021


Break free from the egg sandwich and pizza for a day and try one these quick takes on European fare. 

  1. Icelandic Yogurt Parfait

    Icelandic-style yogurt (sometimes called skyr) is slightly less sour than Greek yogurt. It's also strained more, giving it a thick yet still silky texture that holds it shape well in parfaits.

  2. Sicilian Arancini

    Arancini is a Sicilian dish that involves frying rice or risotto into bite-size balls. This quick version uses packaged risotto and gets baked instead of fried. 

  3. Belgian Waffle Cookie

    The cookies in this recipe are delicious on their own, especially with coffee or tea. But once you try the sandwich version, there's no going back.