8 Hy-Vee Chefs Share Their Signature Steak Recipes

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8 Hy-Vee Chefs Share Their Signature Steak Recipes

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February 16 2018


Only about 2 percent of beef is graded Prime Reserve—the best of the best—by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). While most is typically reserved for the finest steak houses in the world, prime cuts can be found in the meat department at Hy-Vee. Otherwise, look for Choice Reserve. Both are hand-selected by Hy-Vee meat experts with strict guidelines in mind. 

  1. Beer-Marinated Rib Eye Steaks

    For Chef Mark Webster, the direct connection between food and the Kansas City area will always be barbecue. "When I meet chefs across the country and the world, they all want to know about our barbecue," he says.

  2. Marinated Flank Steak with Corn and Edamame Succotash

    This dish reminds Chef Jessica Dolson of her Iowa childhood. Dinnertime meant good, simple food, such as garden-fresh tomatoes, farm-raised beef and sweet corn.

  3. Steak Salad Sandwiches with Edamame Aioli

    For local Illinois flavor, Chef Brandon Zawada mixed edamame (a type of soybean) into the aioli used as a condiment on this sandwich. 

  4. Blue Cheese-Topped T-Bone with Merlot-Mushroom Sauce

    Wisconsin is known for its cheese, which is why Chef Rebecca Crump topped a T-bone with crumbled blue cheese. The combination of the beef flavor with the salty tartness of the cheese really stands out.

  5. Sirloin Steak with Creamed Corn and Salsa Verde

    This sirloin steak from Chef Keith Walsh nicely sums up Nebraska. Corn with a splash of salsa reflects the most delicious aspects of the state.

  6. Hoisin-Ginger Filet Mignon Skewers

    Chef James Marthaler created this Asian-influenced meal with an eye toward Minnesota locals, as evidenced by the bed of Minnesota wild rice.

  7. Coffee-Rubbed Kansas City Strip Steak

    Picking the signature cut of beef for Kansas City was easy for Chef Jeff Kelly. He started with a KC strip and encrusted it with ground coffee. (Rich, salty steak and coffee are a surprisingly tasty pairing.)

  8. Sunflower-Encrusted Beef Tenderloin

    A swirl of a berry sauce called Wojapi can be seen at the center of this beef. Enjoyed by Native Americans for untold generations in South Dakota, Wojapi inspired Chef Jamie Koehler to create a savory-sweet dish. Ask your Hy-Vee meat specialist to double-butterfly the tenderloin for you