Slow Cooker Korean Rice Bowls


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Slow Cooker Korean Rice Bowls

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    For a super-easy, Korean-inspired rice-bowl meal, cook Hy-Vee frozen meatballs with a purchased Korean sauce in a slow cooker. Then serve in bowls with microwave-heated rice, colorful veggies and sunny-side up eggs.

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    Servings and Ingredients

    Serves 6
    1 (12-oz.) pkg. Hy-Vee frozen beef meatballs
    ¾ c. Cookies Korean stir-fry, BBQ & wing sauce
    2 tbsp. Gustare Vita olive oil, divided
    6 That’s Smart large eggs, divided
    2 (17.3-oz.) pkg. microwavable jasmine rice
    1 (10-oz.) pkg. frozen sugar snap peas
    1 ½ c. package shredded carrots
    Hy-Vee Korean gochujang sauce, for serving
    Sesame seed, toasted; for garnish

    Things To Grab

    • 2½-qt. slow cooker
    • Hy-Vee vegetable oil cooking spray
    • Wooden spoon
    • Large nonstick skillet
    • Spatula
    • Flat plate or tray
    • 6 serving bowls


    1. Spray a 2½-qt. slow cooker with cooking spray. Place frozen meatballs and stir-fry sauce in slow cooker; stir to coat. Cover and cook on HIGH for 1½ to 2 hours or LOW for 2½ to 3 hours, or until meatballs reach at least 165 degrees.

    2. Just before serving, heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat; tilt skillet to coat bottom with oil. Crack 3 eggs into skillet. Reduce heat to medium-low; cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until egg whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken. Transfer eggs to a flat plate or tray. Repeat cooking with remaining 1 Tbsp. oil and 3 eggs.

    3. Meanwhile, microwave each pkg. of rice, one at a time, and sugar snap peas according to pkg. directions.

    4. To serve, divide rice among 6 serving bowls. Arrange meatballs with sauce, sugar snap peas and carrots on top. Top with eggs. Drizzle with gochujang sauce and garnish with toasted sesame seed, if desired.

      Note: Consuming unpasteurized, uncooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

    Nutrition facts


    700 Calories per serving

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Total Fat: 28g
    • Cholesterol: 215mg
    • Sodium: 940mg
    • Total Carbohydrates: 90g
    • Protein: 24g

    Daily Values

    Iron 30%
    Calcium 8%
    Vitamin D 6%
    Potassium 6%