Grilled Fruit-On-A-Stick Ice Cream Sundae


Grilled Fruit-On-A-Stick Ice Cream Sundae

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    Servings and Ingredients

    ½ c. orange juice
    3 tbsp. plus 1-1/2 tsp lime juice
    ¼ c. plus 1 tsp rum
    4 tbsp. maple-flavored agave nectar
    Prepared pineapple, mango and peaches for grilling*
    Hy-Vee olive oil spray
    Kebab skewers
    Reduced-fat or slow churned ice cream or sorbet, sherbet or frozen Greek yogurt


    1. For glaze: Combine orange juice, 3 tablespoons lime juice, 1/4 cup rum and agave in a microwave-safe glass bowl. Whisk well to combine. Microwave for 4 to 5 minutes, until bubbling and mixture has slightly thickened and reduced. Stir in additional 1 teaspoon lime juice and 1 teaspoon rum. Set aside.
    2. *To prepare fruit for grilling:
    3. Pineapple: Using pre-cut whole pineapples sold in produce department, cut pineapple through the core lengthwise. Cut each half into 3/4-inch wedges. Skewer onto kebab skewers, poking straight through the pineapple flesh, from tip to tip.
    4. Mango: Cut off the tips of a ripe mango. Peel with a vegetable peeler. Cut down along the sides of the mango, getting as close to the pit as possible. Repeat on all four sides to remove mango flesh. Cut into 1-inch long pieces. For each kebab, place two mango chunks next to one another on the kebab.
    5. Peach: Cut in half and remove pit. Poke skewer through the peach so that sides can lie in direct contact with the grill one placed on the grill grates.
    6. To grill fruit: Preheat grill over medium heat. Spray prepared kebabs with Hy-Vee olive oil spray. Grill kebabs for 4 minutes. Flip. Grill for an additional 2 minutes. Brush kebabs with glaze. Grill 1 more minute. Carefully remove kebabs from grill.
    7. Serve 1 or 2 kebabs per person, with one scoop of ice cream and an extra drizzle of glaze.