9 Healthy Foods to Keep at Your Desk

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9 Healthy Foods to Keep at Your Desk

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July 6 2018


Stash a few these healthy foods at your desk for getting through "those" kind of days. 

  1. Oranges

    Oranges are our top pick for a desk-friendly snack because they don't require washing, and you can keep them around for several days. 

  2. Instant Oatmeal

    A packet of instant oats saves the day on rushed mornings. Bonus points if you have dried fruit or nuts—two other great desk snacks—to add in. 

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  3. Dark Chocolate

    For when the afternoon sweet tooth strikes, we like to keep dark chocolate within reach. And when it comes to health, the darker the better.  

  4. Granola

    Homemade or store-bought, granola is just what your morning yogurt needed. It also makes a satisfyingly crunchy snack for the afternoon. Keep a mason jar's worth in your desk drawer for the week.

  5. Protein or Snack Bar

    Protein bars generally have a long shelf life, so they're great for hanging around the office. Look for one that's fewer than 200 calories and contains whole grains.

  6. Trail Mix

    Unlike most trail mixes, this playful Peaceful Piranha blend includes beef jerky for a little extra protein. But if your workplace doesn't allow nuts, you can always make your own nut-free mix. 

  7. Tea or Instant Coffee

    Coffee or tea drinkers should always have a box of tea or instant coffee packets on hand. Just. In. Case. 

  8. Canned Soup

    Forgot your lunch? No time to run out? We like to keep a few cans of soup for such occasions. Pro tip: Get the kind with the pull-top lids.

  9. Crackers

    Keeping crackers and a couple single portions of nut butter will help hush a hungry belly during a long work day. Plus, if you're stashing soup as the backup lunch option, it's good to have crackers hanging out.