7 Table Settings for a Thanksgiving Feast

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7 Table Settings for a Thanksgiving Feast

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October 28 2019


Whether you're a seasoned host or you're hosting your first Thanksgiving feast, get our ideas for a stunning table setting everyone will be talking about.

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  1. Feeling Pump'd

    Table settings don't have to be complicated. Keep it simple with a white charger and white dinner plate. Then, add rosemary sprigs and a mini pumpkin for a simplistic, yet stunning table setting.

  2. Twine and Dine

    Accent the table with plates from your vintage collection. Wrap asparagus with twine, then attach a place card to the bundle.

  3. Fit to Be Tied

    Tie up silverware with twine, burlap, and craft ribbon. Tuck in Hy-Vee Cinnamon sticks and a simple thoughtful message.

  4. Just for You

    Top salad plates with miniature pumpkins painted with each guest's initials. The colorful pumpkin is a party favor for guests to take home.

  5. Clearly Autumn

    Press bright leaves between two glass salad plates from Hy-Vee for colorful pizzazz. Matching linens tied in twine showcase the fall hues.

  6. Woodsy

    Top a wood slice charger with black plates (or a cast-iron tortilla pan for an extra woodsy-feel), then add a colorful plaid napkin and pine cone name tag holders.

  7. Candy Cornucopia

    Wrap the lower third of a waffle cone in a damp paper towel. Microwave for 30 seconds. Curl the tip around a skewer. Fill cone with your favorite fall candies.