9 Foods to Bring You Luck in the New Year

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9 Foods to Bring You Luck in the New Year

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December 21 2021


New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated around the world in many cultures. It is a time to get together with friends and family and share in traditions, eat delicious foods, and look to the year ahead. Why not ensure 2022 is full of good luck, fortune, and prosperity? Try these 9 recipes that incorporate foods that have been historically eaten in the hopes that they will bring you a bit of luck!

  1. Ring-Shaped Desserts

    I donut think you can live without these gluten-free red wine donuts! Donuts, cakes, cupcakes, you name it: all are lucky on New Year's Day. Circular foods represent "coming full circle."

  2. Pork

    Did you know that pigs "root forward" with their noses which symbolize progress and moving forward? Our Dutch Baby with Leek, Prosciutto, and Cheddar is bringing you a savory spin on a classically sweet breakfast pastry. This will be perfect for your new year's day brunch. Full of prosciutto and luck!

  3. Greens

    Traditionally greens eaten in the new year are said to bring money and luck. This recipe has an abundance of Brussels sprouts and cheese. If we are suggesting vegetables at a party at least it also has cheese! This humble Brussel is ready to be your New Year's Day side dish!

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  4. Pomegranates

    Pomegranates are thought to be a sign of abundance and fertility within the New Year. They are delicious and a very versatile ingredient. They are delicious when paired with meats, salads, on desserts, and of course drinks! The new year is all about celebration, and what is a celebration without a beverage? Try our Pomegranate Pear Sangria at your New Year's soiree!

  5. Corn Bread

    The golden-yellow hues of cornbread represent the opportunity for wealth in the new year. It is also that bread offering that people just can't say no to! This skillet poblano corn bread recipe is so good you may want to double the recipe! We recommend pairing it with our Instant Pot Smoky 3-Bean Soup or any soup (it's that good)!

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  6. Noodles

    Extra-long noodles are extra-lucky on New Year's day. If you can eat them without breaking them in the middle, it is thought to bring you a long and prosperous life. Our Vegetarian Ramen Bowl Recipe will be the perfect comfort dish for just that.

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  7. Grapes

    Why not add a little luck to your charcuterie board at your NYE bash? Try this Grape and Thyme Baked Brie with Champagne Grapes. Historically, eating 12 grapes just as the clock strikes for each hour is thought to bring you luck in the 12 months to come. Not to mention the sweetness of each grape represents how many "good" months the upcoming year will have.

  8. Fish

    Fish is often eaten in the new year because it is thought that they represent moving forward and abundance. Fish only swim forward and in schools/large groups. Put your best foot forward in the new year with this delicious and a healthy main course option for any gathering. Try our Sticky Citrus Salmon and lemon salsa.

  9. Lentils

    Lentils are a hearty legume that symbolizes prosperity and good fortune in the new year. This recipe is a fresh take on a classic; Shepherd's Pie. The lentils are a great meat substitution and make this dish perfect for vegetarians, flexitarians, or anyone who likes delicious foods!

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