8 Jell-O Recipes to Make You Say, "Jell-Whoa!"

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8 Jell-O Recipes to Make You Say, "Jell-Whoa!"

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August 24 2020


It's time to let this favorite childhood treat shine in new ways! Break out of the mold and let Jell-O work its magic, adding color and punchy fruity flavors to dessert and snack recipes. You'll be sure to have everyone at the table saying, "Jell-Whoa!"

  1. Jell-O Candy Melts

    Need a sweet treat for when that sweet tooth calls your name? These Jell-O Candy Melts can be stored in the refrigerator and made with your favorite flavor of Jell-O! 

  2. Rainbow Jell-O Squares

    These layered Rainbow Jell-O Squares are sweet, fruity, and completely show-stopping. They require a bit of patience between refrigerating the layers, but the end result is totally worth it!

  3. Raspberry Jell-O Ice Cream

    Homemade ice cream gets so much easier. Just reach for cream, sweetened condensed milk, and raspberry flavored Jell-O.

  4. Sweet and Sour Jell-O Grapes

    A quick and healthy sweet and sour snack is just a few minutes away! Coat green grapes in your favorite flavor of Jell-O and you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this all along. 

  5. Lemon Jell-O Pinwheels

    Did you know you're only 3 ingredients away from these easy and oh-so-satisfying Lemon Jell-O Pinwheels?

  6. Strawberry Jell-O Frosting

    If you're looking to make an easy frosting, reach for that packet of Jell-O. Yes, we're serious! You'll love the subtly fruity and sweet flavor it adds to your cupcakes, cakes, and other confections.

  7. Jell-O Flavored Sugar Cookies

    These colorful cookies have a not-so-secret ingredient: Jell-O! Use your favorite to color and add a subtle hint of flavor to our cake mix cookies.

  8. Orange Jell-O Shots

    These fun alcoholic Jell-O shots are made with Row Vodka for a treat that's adults only. If you're wanting to make them kid-friendly, just replace the vodka with cold water.