Why You Should Choose Hy-Vee Catering for Your Wedding Reception

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Why You Should Choose Hy-Vee Catering for Your Wedding Reception

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August 9 2021


Turn to Hy-Vee Catering for everything you need from the first bite to the final course of your wedding reception meal. Regardless of the size of your event, whether you need a tray or a full catered meal, we can help you create a delicious meal that's well within your budget.

And keep in mind, you get a discount for using Hy-Vee food service, floral, and bakery for your wedding! Here are just a few catering ideas Hy-Vee can help with; use it as inspiration for your meal.

  1. Appetizers

    Load up on appetizers in a tapas-style dinner! Choose assorted NORI sushi, crab rangoons, fried egg rolls, and shrimp for an Asian-inspired vegetarian meal. Go with BBQ cocktail smokies, chicken wings, fruit kabobs, and snack mix for a more rustic feel.

    There are plenty more options where that came from, including add-ons like tuxedo strawberries.

  2. Buffets

    Always a crowd pleaser, Hy-Vee has tons of foods to choose from so you can create a spread that appeals to a wide variety of people.

    This is an extremely cost-effective option, too. You can get two entrees (garlic herb chicken breast, lasagna, roast beef, etc.) for just $15 per person.

  3. Hy-Vee Hickory House Meals

    Hy-Vee Hickory House Smoked Meats are slow-cooked until they're fall-off-the-bone tender.

    You can choose up to three entrees (baby back ribs, brisket, meatloaf, etc.), along with three side dishes (asparagus, white cheddar mac and cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy, etc.) and a corn muffin.

  4. Displays & Experiences

    Let us make your event spectacular with a chocolate, fruit, vegetable, or seafood display that makes an excellent centerpiece for your food tables.

    We even do special food experiences, including Hog Roasts, with meat experts hand-carving a fully roasted hog on-site.

  5. Specialty Bars

    From pasta bars to Hy-Chi bars, give your reception dinner a themed feel. Learn more about your food bar options here.

  6. Desserts

    Don't forget the most important part of a wedding reception meal—dessert! We can collaborate with you on all kinds of wedding cake and alternative dessert ideas.