Everything You Need for a Wedding Day Bathroom Basket

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Everything You Need for a Wedding Day Bathroom Basket

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July 16 2021


Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, but don't forget the small details that will make your guests feel special! Use this list to create the ultimate wedding day bathroom basket full of essentials like tissues, stain remover pens, and more. This list serves for both men's and ladies' rooms with some specific items for the ladies. 

  1. Stain Remover Pen

    Don't let your guests stress about a stain on their clothes! Put a few stain remover pens in the bathroom basket for a quick fix.

  2. Mini Tissue Packs

    Whether your guest needs to dab at their happy tears or are struggling with seasonal allergies, make sure your bathroom baskets have tissues

  3. Lotion

    Add a nice touch to the bathroom baskets with lotion—your guests will thank you!

  4. Hand Sanitizer

    Keep germs down to a minimum with hand sanitizer bottles in both bathroom baskets. 

  5. Gum

    Stash gum in the baskets for your guests to grab!

  6. Breath Mints

    Some of your guests may prefer a breath mint over gum, so make sure to provide both.

  7. Comb

    Whether it's stray hairs or a gnarly knot, provide your guests with throw-away combs for all their hair needs. 

  8. Brushes

    A brush may be better than a comb for some guests, so make sure to have both!

  9. Band-aids

    Boo-boos happen, so make sure to have band-aids in the bathroom baskets. 

  10. Tums

    Stash antiacids in the bathroom baskets just in case a guest needs quick relief. 

  11. Advil

    Headaches be gone! Painkillers are good to have on hand for anyone who needs some relief. 

  12. Toothpicks

    No one likes walking around with something in their teeth, so make sure to provide toothpicks to avoid any photo mishaps. 

  13. Bobby Pins

    Whether she has blonde, brunette, or black hair, make sure your guests have bobby pins for those misbehaving strands of hair. 

  14. Feminine Products

    Someone is bound to need a pad or tampon, so make sure to have the ladies' bathroom basket stocked up. 

  15. Hairspray

    Stock the basket with hairspray to help tame your guest's unruly hair.