11 Alternative Wedding Dessert Ideas that Hy-Vee Can Help With

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11 Alternative Wedding Dessert Ideas that Hy-Vee Can Help With

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July 20 2021


Cakes might be the traditional wedding dessert, but if you and your spouse-to-be are looking for something unique, the Hy-Vee bakery can help you choose the perfect alternative dessert that will wow your crowd.

  1. Frosted Cookies

    Have cookies decorated in your wedding colors, add your wedding date, frost them in tuxedos and dresses, etc. Get creative!

  2. Pie

    Cake's cousin, pie is extremely versatile, and you could give guests several options to choose from.

  3. Cheesecake

    Fresh from The Cheesecake Factory, choose a few varieties of cheesecake to feed the masses, like chocolate cherry, crazy red velvet, and wild strawberries & cream.

  4. Cupcakes

    Make cake portable so your guests can munch while they're on the dance floor, at the bar, or mingling.

  5. Donuts

    Get a little whimsical with fresh-baked donuts! You can even go vertical with a trendy, wow-worthy donut wall.

  6. Fondue

    Go retro with a chocolate fountain and plenty of dipping options, like marshmallows, strawberries, and pretzel sticks.

  7. Fruit Tarts

    Delicate and elegant, you can choose a variety of fruits for these tarts so guests can select their favorite fruity flavors.

  8. Parfaits

    Guests won't feel guilty about indulging on this healthier dessert option.

  9. Candy Bar

    Feast your eyes on a table filled with candy, from M&Ms and chocolate bars to gummy candies and lollipops. 

  10. Cake Pops

    Cake pops are so easy to decorate with adorable designs that fit your wedding theme.

  11. Dessert Bar

    Can't decide on just one option? Choose them all! We'll arrange a beautiful spread of delicious desserts. You can even opt for one of our bakery bundles.