California Avocado

Did you know?

The greatest concentration of carotenoids, such as lutein, in avocados is found in the dark green layer closest to the peel?

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California Avocado

  • A new way to cut: Cut, Nick and Peel - Cut in quarters, nick and peel skin from avocado to get nutrient-rich, dark green fruit under peel.
  • One-fifth of a medium avocado or 3 thin slices has 50 calories and 2 grams fiber.
  • The majority of fat is monounsaturated, a healthy fat good for heart health.
  • An avocado contains 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients including vitamin K, folate, potassium and vitamin E.

Easy to Use

  • Test for ripeness: Gently squeeze in palm of hand. Ready to eat when avocado will yield to gentle pressure.
  • Mash for a spread for sandwiches, wraps or bagels.
  • Dice for salads, pasta, tacos, omelets and pizza.
  • Slice for burgers or BLT sandwiches.
  • Splash with balsamic vinegar or fresh lime juice; add black pepper and salt. Serve with whole-grain crackers.
  • Toss into fruit smoothies to add creaminess

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