How to Make a Party-Worthy Charcuterie Board

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How to Make a Party-Worthy Charcuterie Board

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Things To Grab

  • Charcuterie board or large platter
  • Small ramekins
  • Desired ingredients; such as: meat, cheese, spreads, jams, nuts, etc.

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    Your holiday party needs a charcuterie board. Do you know how to arrange one? We can help! Check out our easy, four-step tutorial below, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect board.

    Looking for what to fill your board with? We've got ideas from snacks, appetizers, and even desserts. Check out some of our favorite DIY boards!

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    1. Grab the Big Stuff: This step is a no-brainer. Start with the largest items that take up the most space, so you’ll have room for other items later. Scatter them evenly around the board, and don’t forget to add ramekins for dips and sauces.

    2. Start Designing: Take the next largest item, and get creative! Spread the cheese, meat, or other snacks in a winding pattern around the board. This isn’t formal, so play with shapes and designs. Once you like it, move on to the next step.

    3. Fill In the Gaps: This is where all the little items come in. Nuts, pretzels, crackers, and more are all fair game! Fill in the open spaces between the larger items, until the board looks full and appetizing. You’re almost there!

    4. Fill and Garnish: You made it! Now all you have to do is fill the ramekins with dips, and add garnishes. We bet that’s the easiest board you’ve ever made.