Potato Roses


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Potato Roses

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These impressive potato roses are almost too gorgeous to eat. Thinly sliced red potatoes are dressed in ranch seasoning before being rolled, then baked to crispy potato perfection and served atop a bed of tangy Parmesan and creamy mashed potatoes.

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Servings and Ingredients

Serves 12
Gustare Vita olive oil
1 (1.12-oz.) pkg. Hy-Vee ranch dressing mix
½ tsp. coarsely ground Hy-Vee sea salt
3 ½ to 4 lb. medium red potatoes, rinsed
6 oz. Belgioioso Parmesan cheese chunk, coarsely shredded
1 c. leftover mashed potatoes
Chopped parsley, for garnish

Things To Grab

  • Hy-Vee olive oil cooking spray
  • 12 (2½-in.) muffin-cup pan
  • Whisk
  • Small bowl
  • Mandoline with a hand guard
  • Large microwave-safe bowl
  • Fork
  • Paper towels
  • Small spoon
  • Small metal spoon or small offset spatula
  • Serving platter


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Generously spray a 12 (2½-in.) muffin-cup pan with cooking spray; set aside. Whisk together oil, dressing mix and salt in small bowl; set aside.

  2. Cut potatoes crosswise into 1/16-in.-thick (paper-thin) slices using a mandoline with a hand guard. Place potato slices in a large microwave-safe bowl filled with cold water. Microwave potatoes in water on HIGH for 6 to 8 minutes or just until slices begin to soften, but not fork-tender. Drain well; place potato slices on paper towels. Pat dry and return to bowl. Add oil mixture; toss well to coat slices.

  3. Place 2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese into the bottom of each muffin-pan cup. Spread 1 rounded Tbsp. mashed potatoes over cheese in each cup.

  4. For each potato rose, on a flat surface, lay about 15 potato slices in a vertical strip by partially overlapping the slices. Starting at the bottom end of the strip, tightly roll up into a log shape, holding onto slices while rolling. Press one end of the potato log into the mashed potato layer in muffin cup. Slightly spread center open with your finger. Create a smaller potato log by repeating rolling process using 5 potato slices. Place the smaller log into the open center.

  5. Bake potato roses for 30 to 35 minutes or until potato slices are cooked through and edges are crispy and golden.  Let stand in muffin cups for 3 minutes.

  6. To serve, carefully loosening edges of potato roses from muffin cups using a small metal spoon or small offset spatula; remove from muffin cups. Transfer to a serving platter. Garnish with parsley, if desired.

Nutrition facts


220 Calories per serving
1 potato rose

Amounts Per Serving

  • Total Fat: 9g
  • Cholesterol: 15mg
  • Sodium: 490mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 27g
  • Protein: 8g

Daily Values

Iron 6%
Calcium 15%
Vitamin D 0%
Potassium 15%