Crisp Cucumber Salad


Side Dish
Crisp Cucumber Salad

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Bowl of cucumber salad topped with freshly ground black pepper

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As a sandwich topper or side dish, this crisp cucumber salad adds a nice crunch, tang, and spicy bite.

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Servings and Ingredients

1 large cucumber
½ white onion
2 c. water
¼ c. Hy-Vee distilled vinegar
1 tbsp. Hy-Vee granulated sugar
1 tbsp. Hy-Vee salt
½ tsp. Hy-Vee garlic powder
½ tsp. Hy-Vee black pepper
Hy-Vee crushed red pepper flakes, to taste


  1. Slice cucumber and onion into 1/8-inch-thick slices using a mandoline.
  2. In a large bowl, combine water, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic powder, black pepper and red pepper flakes. Stir in cucumber and onion slices.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours before serving; drain and discard dressing before serving.