3 Foods That Are Even More Delicious with Nutritional Yeast

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3 Foods That Are Even More Delicious with Nutritional Yeast

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popcorn with nutritional yeast


October 15 2018


What is nutritional yeast exactly? For starters, it's not the same as the yeast you use for baking or brewing beer, called baker's yeast and brewer's yeast, respectively. Those include live yeast cells. In nutritional yeast, however, the yeast cells are not alive; they're deactivated by heat.

Most nutritional yeast on shelves is fortified with vitamins, including B-12, making it extra nutritious. This is especially important for vegan diets, since many are lacking in B-12, a common vitamin in meat and dairy products. Because of its nutty, cheese-like flavor, nutritional yeast makes a wonderful non-dairy substitute for Parmesan and more. 

Check out three of our favorite ways to use nutritional yeast. 

  1. Soups

    Stirring a teaspoon of nutritional yeast into your soup adds a savory, nutty flavor that mimics freshly grated Parmesan. Try it in our Vegan African Stew.

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  2. Popcorn

    popcorn with nutritional yeast

    If you need a vegan-friendly alternative to Parmesan cheese or butter for your popcorn, try a generous shake of nutritional yeast. Drizzling a little olive oil (or garlic-infused olive oil) on the popcorn first will help the nutritional yeast stick.

  3. Pasta or Sauce

    Next time your serving a vegan pasta or sauce, don't forget the nutritional yeast. On our vegan-friendly Romesco sauce served over an easy microwavable spaghetti squash, it brings out all the rich, toasty, nutty flavors. 

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