3 Kinds of Seasonal Salmon and Why We Love Them So Much

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3 Kinds of Seasonal Salmon and Why We Love Them So Much

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August 27 2018


You may have heard of Copper River wild salmon; after all, many consider it the best. Copper River salmon include coho, sockeye, and king—all of which pack on sufficient fat reserves to make an epic journey through the waters of south-central Alaska's Copper River. Learn the difference among these mighty fish and get cooking with our Best Salmon Recipes.

  1. Copper River King Salmon

    Prized for its high oil content and rich flavor, King salmon (also called Chinook) will literally melt in your mouth. It's the largest of the three species and typically runs May and June. 

  2. Copper RIver Sockeye Salmon

    Known for its natural deep red flesh, sockeye (also known as Red salmon) has a robust flavor and firm texture, making it suitable for a variety of cooking methods. Sockeye salmon are typically caught May through July.

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  3. Copper River Coho Salmon

    Coho salmon, sometimes called Silvers, are the last to return to the Copper River. They're known for a mild but delicate texture that goes well on top of salad greens or rice. Look for this late-season wild salmon in August and September.