Chocolate Gluten Free Desserts

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One Cake Mix, Four Gluten-Free Chocolate Desserts

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Gluten-Free Ice Cream Snack Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream Frosting


November 2 2018


If you thought breakfast for dinner was fun, just wait til you try breakfast for dessert. We transformed the Hy-Vee Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix into donuts, waffles, and two different kinds of cake (not that you would have cake for breakfast... but maybe you would).

  1. Gluten-Free Banana Upside-Down Cake

    It has everything a sweet tooth could ever want: brown sugar, bananas, and chocolate. We almost didn't think it could get any better until we added the warm, rich, and nutty flavors of brown butter. You've got to try this—even if you're not gluten-free.

  2. Gluten-Free Ice Cream Snack Cake

    Is there anything better than cake and ice cream? What about a cake made with ice cream? And then topped with frosting made with, you guessed it ... ice cream! Yeah, we went there with our Gluten-Free Ice Cream Snack Cake—no freezing required.

  3. Gluten-Free Strawberry-Orange Waffles

    Honey-orange mascarpone cheese and a generous serving of orange juice macerated berries—they may sound fancy, but trust us, they're easier than you think. 

  4. Gluten-Free Red Wine Chocolate Donuts

    If chocolate donuts made with red wine sounds like a dream, your dream has come true. We added red wine to a gluten-free chocolate cake mix along with oil and eggs and voila! And who needs glaze when you can top them with a red wine and berry compote? The really unbelievable part? Each donut is only 250 calories.