5 Adorable Easter Desserts to Share with Your Peeps

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5 Adorable Easter Desserts to Share with Your Peeps

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February 25 2021


You don't have to love Peeps to see why they're fun to decorate with. Check out these adorable desserts with a Peep appearance. 

  1. Blooming Peeps

    Because Peeps enjoy Easter egg hunts, too. Especially when they're hunting for chocolate eggs.

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  2. Peep Cheesecake

    You can pretty much make any dessert Easter-worthy by sticking a Peep on it. What we love about this recipe (more than the peep even) is that you can do it in an Instant Pot. 

  3. Peep Nests

    All snuggled in a cereal treat nest, this little guy won't make a peep.

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  4. Peep S'mores

    Peeps are basically marshmallows, so if you're going to actually cook with them, there's only one correct answer. S'mores. 

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  5. Pudding Peeps

    Pudding cups are the best shortcut for dirt cake. Just top with chocolate cookie crumbles and jelly beans. And a Peep!

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