9 Christmas Drinks Inspired by Santa's Reindeer

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9 Christmas Drinks Inspired by Santa's Reindeer

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Chocolate-covered espresso beans and sprinkle-rimmed glass filled with cinnamon-mocha eggnog


December 1 2022


Everyone knows Rudolph, but what about the others? Find out which of Santa's reindeer you're most alike, and we'll give you a Christmas drink you need to try. 

  1. Cranberry Spritzer

    If you're like Dasher, everyone knows you as the social, athletic and energized friend. That's why we think you'll like this Cranberry Spritzer.

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  2. Red and Green Layered Shooters

    The *holiday* party doesn't start until Dancer walks in! Do you love planning the party? Are you the first to bust a move on the dance floor? Then you need these Red and Green Layered Shooters in your life.

  3. Holiday Coffee

    Prancer is the reindeer who's always making plans to get the crew together, and then scrapbooking the memories. If that sounds like you, then you need a Holiday Coffee to stay energized.

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  4. Cinnamon-Mocha Eggnog

    Vixen is the entertainer who thrives in the spotlight. Sound familiar? Then you need an over-the-top Cinnamon-Mocha Eggnog to go with your over-the-top personality.

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  5. Snowman Hot Chocolate

    Are you the mom of your friend group? Are you always helping others? Then you and Comet would be best friends. We recommend a hug-in-a-mug Snowman Hot Chocolate to sip on this season.

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  6. Mistletoe Mule

    Cupid is a social butterfly who loves her friends. If your motto is "spread the love," mix up a batch of Mistletoe Mules for your holiday party.

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  7. Sugar Cookie Martini

    Did Donner start singing Christmas carols again, or was it you this time? You're in charge of getting everyone into the holiday spirit, and the best way to do so is with a Sugar Cookie Martini in hand.

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  8. Berry Christmas Dazzler

    Blitzen will be your partner in crime if you're looking for an adventure or want to try something new. Why don't you start with this new Berry Christmas Dazzler?

  9. Starry Night Champagne Cocktail

    If you're a natural leader, a hard worker and love to bring people together, then you and Rudolph have a lot in common. We think you'll love this Starry Night Champagne Cocktail.