5 Garbage Bread Recipes from TikTok

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5 Garbage Bread Recipes from TikTok

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January 24 2022


Social media platforms such as TikTok, have become a foodie mecca for inspiration in the kitchen. Social media has given a resurgence of popularity to foods that were once popular and now are having another moment in the spotlight! Foods such as ramen, Dalgona coffee or whipped coffee, and French Toast cereal come to mind. TikTok users are rediscovering the deliciousness of Stromboli; affectionately renamed Garbage Bread. You are probably thinking that's not the most appetizing name... but it has been coined this title for the idea that you can just "throw" any tasty ingredients in to create a bread-filled savory pastry. We have combined our 5 favorite garbage bread/Stromboli recipes right here so you can find your next quick-fix meal.

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  1. Breakfast Garbage Bread

    This recipe was made for your next Saturday morning breakfast!

  2. Bacon-Cheeseburger Garbage Bread

    Classic flavors of a bacon-cheeseburger all rolled up (literally)! All jokes aside, you cannot go wrong with a recipe that includes bacon and a sriracha-mayo!

  3. Cheesy Supreme Garbage Bread

    When we say cheesy we mean it! This recipe includes lots of mozzarella and parmesan for the perfect ratio of cheese to toppings. Did we also mention there's Graziano Brother Sausage? Are you hungry yet?!

  4. Chicken Alfredo Stromboli

    This four-ingredient Stromboli is perfect for any no-fuss weeknight dinner.

  5. Easy Stromboli

    Just like classic cars, why mess with a good thing? This recipe is a classic take on Stromboli and it will not disappoint.