Top 7 Chilis in the Midwest

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Top 7 Chilis in the Midwest

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Pot of Chili with Yellow Shredded Cheese and Biscuits on the Side


October 1 2018


We asked seven Hy-Vee chefs to show school spirit with chili recipes that represent Midwest universities. And the heat is on!

  1. Wisconsin Badger Red Chili

    For a true taste of Wisconsin, the chili’s companion biscuits use Cheddar cheese and dry ranch dressing mix to develop a sharp tang.

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  2. Kansas State Willie's Wild Chili

    Chef Kyle, a grad of Le Cordon Bleu, named his spunky chili after the wildcat's beloved mascot, Willie. 

  3. Iowa Hawkeye Chili

    Chef Shannon incorporated black beans and yellow pepper in his turkey chili to match the University of Iowa colors.

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  4. Kansas Beer-Braised Pork and Bean Chili

    Chef Kelly uses beer-braised pork to give this tasty chili a twist. Country-style ribs from the shoulder region of the pig are especially succulent and perfect for chili.

  5. Nebraska Scarlet Chili

    Instead of simmering ground beef for a long time, Chef Chris went a different route: His chili uses chopped grilled steak for delicious charbroiled flavor.

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  6. Iowa State White Chili

    Chef Jeff adapted this lightning-quick method to prepare chili from a prizewinning recipe he developed at the Waukee, Iowa, Hy-Vee store.

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  7. Chef Bill's University of Missouri Chili

    This classic chili uses simple ingredients to get great chili flavors, with one unusual twist: a big squirt of Sriracha. Ya!