5 Affordable Recipes to Reimagine Pizza Night

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5 Affordable Recipes to Reimagine Pizza Night

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Pizza crust topped with alfredo sauce, shrimp and sprinkled asiago and mozzarella cheese


February 28 2024


Take the guesswork out of dinner! These budget-friendly recipes will bring your pizza night to the next level.

  1. Arugula and Parmesan Pizza

    Simple, affordable, and easy — this Arugula and Parmesan Pizza is the perfect weeknight dinner.

  2. Hawaiian Ham Pizza

    This easy pizza recipe brings sweet pineapple and savory ham together for a burst of flavor.

  3. Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

    This delicious dinner comes together in a snap. There are only three steps, so you can skip the hassle without sacrificing any of the taste.

  4. Shrimp Scampi Pizza

    Think beyond traditional pizza with this fresh take on the classic Italian pasta dish, shrimp scampi.

  5. Pesto Chicken Mozzarella Pizza

    Get ready to effortlessly elevate your next pizza night! This pizza is packed with the flavors of pesto, Alfredo sauce, and shredded chicken.