Clove-Studded Glazed Baked Ham


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Clove-Studded Glazed Baked Ham

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Clove-studded glazed baked ham

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When starting with a ham that's already cooked, you only need to reheat it to 140 degrees. If you are working with a partially cooked ham, follow the cooking directions on the package.

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Servings and Ingredients

Serves 16
Pomegranate-Pepper Jelly Glaze
1 (10.5-oz.) jar pepper jelly
1 c. pomegranate juice
¼ c. Hy-Vee honey
2 tbsp. Hy-Vee lemon juice
2 tbsp. Hy-Vee Dijon mustard
¼ tsp. Hy-Vee ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. Hy-Vee ground ginger
1 (8- to 10-pound) bone-in cooked ham (shank end or butt end)
40 whole cloves

Things To Grab

  • Medium saucepan
  • Whisk
  • Sharp chef's knife
  • Roasting pan with rack
  • Silicone pastry brush
  • Oven-safe meat thermometer
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Make Pomegranate-Pepper Jelly Glaze: In a medium saucepan, bring the pepper jelly, pomegranate juice, honey, and lemon juice to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes or until slightly thickened. Whisk in mustard, cinnamon and ginger. Simmer until reduced to about 1-1/4 cups, about 30 minutes.

  2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  3. Using a sharp knife, score ham by making diagonal cuts in a diamond pattern, about 1/4 inch deep. Do not score the meat itself, just the fat and any skin. Place the cloves in the center of the diamonds to form a nice pattern around the top and sides of the ham. Place ham on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Insert an oven-safe meat thermometer into center of ham. The thermometer should not touch bone.

  4. Brush ham with about one-third of the Pomegranate-Pepper Jelly Glaze (reserve the rest for later in cooking). Try to work the glaze into the scored lines.

  5. Roast for 2 to 2-1/2 hours or until thermometer registers 140 degrees. Brush ham with remaining glaze a couple times during roasting so the top is lightly caramelized.
  6. Remove ham from oven and brush all over with pan juices. Cover with foil and let rest 15 minutes before serving.
  7. To serve, transfer ham to a serving platter. Discard the cloves.

Nutrition facts


610 Calories per serving

Amounts Per Serving

  • Total Fat: 39g
  • Cholesterol: 165mg
  • Sodium: 2200mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 23g
  • Protein: 41g

Daily Values

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 2%
Iron 15%
Calcium 2%

Recipe Source:

Hy-Vee Seasons Holiday 2014.