15 Self-Care Solutions for the Whole Family

15 Self-Care Solutions for the Whole Family

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July 23 2021


Self-care can help you and your family relieve some of life's pressures and feel healthier long-term. 

If you need assistance with self-care, our Hy-Vee dietitians are standing by! They offer nutrition counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, meal planning help, and more. 

Here are 15 ideas in the 3 main categories of self-care—physical, mental, and emotional.

  1. Exercise

    Go for a walk or choose a workout from Hy-Vee KidsFit to get the whole family moving.

  2. Cook Healthy

    Get everyone involved in cooking a healthy meal! Check out these HSTV series for nutritious family meal ideas:

  3. Play Sports

    Pick an activity everyone in the family can enjoy, and make exercise fun by playing together.

  4. Drink Water

    Set hydration goals for everyone to aim for each day. If you or your kids aren't big on water, try these 5 ideas for adding flavor to a glass of water.

  5. Rest

    Practice good sleep habits by developing a bedtime routine, including falling asleep and waking up on a set schedule. Learn more about foods that help you sleep (and what not to eat before bed).

  6. Garden

    Studies have found that gardening can help reduce anxiety and depression, and increase well-being and quality of life. Not sure where to start? Check out these 10 easy-to-grow flowers.

  7. Enjoy a Hot Drink

    Instead of multitasking, give your mind a break and spend as little as 15 minutes savoring the warmth and flavor of a hot beverage.

  8. Draw with Chalk

    Creating art is a good way to clear your mind. Kids and adults can pick up Crayola sidewalk chalk and spend time beautifying the driveway and sidewalk.

  9. Play a Game

    Keep minds sharp with game night! Play a few rounds of a favorite board or card game, or try something more active for younger children like hide-and-seek. Make it a weekly event and let everyone in the family take turns choosing the game. Shop cards of all sorts:

  10. Color

    Coloring relaxes the brain by focusing your attention on a simple task. Your other stresses and worries will melt away! Allow Crayola markers and colored pencils bring out your inner artist.

  11. Have Family Dinners

    Eating together is a great opportunity to foster conversations and connections with kids and teens. Here are 5 more reasons to eat dinner as a family.

  12. Send a Card

    Especially if you haven't connected with a friend or relative for a while, pick up a greeting card that reminds you of them, then write a short note to catch up. You can even buy greeting cards on Aisles Online!

  13. Meditate

    Create a tranquil environment by lighting a scented candle or turning on calming music. Breathe deeply and take 10 minutes to clear your mind.

  14. Journal

    Writing can help you recognize emotions and work through problems. Start a journal and write anything that comes to mind, or use a prompt to help focus your thoughts.

  15. Take a Bath

    A relaxing bath can be another opportunity to meditate. Use a Basin bath bomb or bath salts with a soothing scent, and use the quiet time to wind down.