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5 Full-Body Cardio Moves You Can Do at Home

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July 25 2018


Sneak in a quick cardio workout with these minimal-space and no-equipment-needed moves. Attempt each move for 60 seconds, completing four rounds.

  1. Mountain Climber

    Start in front plank position. Alternating legs, rapidly lift knees toward chest

  2. Squat Front Kicks

    From a standing position, perform a squat. As you push upward, lift one leg to the front in a kicking motion. Alternate legs with each squat.

  3. Burpees

    From a squat position with hands in front of body, kick legs out and perform push-up. Immediately bring legs back to squat position and jump upward, clapping hands at the top.

  4. Side Shuffle

    With knees slightly bent and chest raised, quickly step side to side in either direction.

  5. Plank Push-Ups

    Start in front plank position. Press body up into a push-up position, then lower back into plank.