9 Indoor & Outdoor Crafts and Games to Keep Kids Engaged

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9 Indoor & Outdoor Crafts and Games to Keep Kids Engaged

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May 1 2020


Looking for some fun outdoor and indoor crafts and games for the kids? We've got a few fun ideas for ya! P.S. We're obsessed with this fish bowl.

  1. Play Ball!

    Possibilities are nearly endless! Play a game of kickball, dodgeball, catch, soccer, volleyball or bocce ball, just to name a few.

  2. Boomerang

    Remember these? What goes around comes around (hopefully). Have kids personalize a boomerang with permanent markers or stickers. Then go outside and have a contest to see who can throw and catch their boomerang the most times without dropping it.

  3. Fling It!

    Flying Disc Golf
    In an open space like a park or backyard, set up laundry baskets or totes in various spots. See who can land their disc in the containers with the least number of throws.
    Throwing Race
    Split kids in pairs to stand opposite each other and pass the disc back and forth. Whichever team can go the longest without dropping the disc wins.
    Ultimate Disc
    Evenly divide kids into teams and mark two areas as “Scoring Zones” for each team. Players score by catching the disc in the scoring zone, without running with it.

  4. Gelatin Dig

    For a fun-filled afternoon, head to HSTV.com and see exactly how to make a Gelatin Dig.

  5. Jump Through Hoops

    Obstacle Course
    Set up hoops in various positions across a yard or other open space. Have kids run across or leap from hoop to hoop. For a finish line, stack hoops on top of each other so kids must jump inside.
    Hoop Scotch
    Place multiple hoops on the ground in any pattern for kids to hop through.
    Bag Toss
    Lay hoops on a driveway and use chalk to write numbers in the center of each. Toss bean bags into hoops. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

  6. Melon Eruption

    Cut open the top of a small watermelon (or any large melon) and hollow out the inside with a melon baller. Pour about ½ cup of baking soda into the hollow watermelon, then squirt in some dish soap. Next, pour vinegar into the watermelon and wait for the fizzy reaction.

  7. Liquid Chalk

    Mix equal parts water and cornstarch with preferred amount of food coloring. Pour mixture into a squeeze bottle. Create designs on sidewalk or driveway. (Don't worry, it washes off with water.)

  8. Ice Cube Paints

    Fill ice cube tray with water, add food coloring as desired and place it in freezer. Once partially frozen, add a wooden stick for a handle, then place back in the freezer until completely frozen. Let thaw slightly and brush across paper like a paintbrush.

  9. Water Balloon Pinata

    String up water balloons under a tree or from a play set for kids to swing at! Serve a fresh-fruit snack on the side to replace the traditional piñata candy.