8 Bold Nail Colors to Try This Fall

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8 Bold Nail Colors to Try This Fall

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September 1 2021


These fun nail colors are totally Instagram-worthy and ready for autumn. Choose the one that speaks to you, and get some simple tips for keeping your nails in top shape.

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  1. Creamy Blue

    Choose a light and dreamy mani to slowly transition into darker shades. Try: 

    Clean your nails by removing nail polish with a strengthening nail polish remover to help prevent nails from breaking, and wash hands with soap and a nail brush.

  2. Dark Teal

    This striking jewel tone is one of the coolest manicures for fall. Take essie in Plane View for a spin.

    Clip off any hangnails that might tear. Trim nails down to the desired length and start shaping them. Try square, round, oval, almond, and ballerina shapes.

  3. Deep Red

    Dark, rich, and seasonal, this glossy red polish is a win in autumn. These shades have a little sparkle for dimension:

    Shape your nails with a file. Start from the left outside corner going to the middle of the nail, and then file from the right corner to the middle of the nail.

  4. Mauve

    For fans of pink and purple manicures, mauve makes for a muted and sophisticated cozy fall tone. Try:

    Use a nail buffer block to buff the tops of nails so they're smooth and ready for clean polish application.

  5. Mustard Yellow

    Channel the bright and warm color of fall mums with a cheery mustard yellow manicure. Give essie expressie Taxi Hopping a whirl.

    Apply a base coat that acts as a primer before you apply color. This helps extend the life of your manicure, and it protects your nails.

  6. Light Gray

    For a minimal, incredibly versatile mani, pick out a gray polish. Find warm- or cool-tone hues to match any look. Check out essie Without a Stitch.

    To apply the perfect nail color, brush on two or three coats of your favorite shade, until the nail is no longer visible.

  7. Olive Green

    An earthy color like essie expressie Precious Cargo-Go! brings out the golden tones in skin and pairs well with an autumn wardrobe.

    After applying polish, seal it in place with a top coat that adds either extra shine or a matte finish to protect nails from chipping.

  8. Rich Brown

    Lush and chocolatey shades of brown are classy, warm, and oh-so chic. Go glossy or add a matte finish. Try:

    Keep your nails moisturized with a nourishing hand cream that softens skin, locks in moisture, and repairs any damage due to dryness.