5 Dietitian Tips for a Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving

Holidays: Thanksgiving
5 Dietitian Tips for a Heart-Healthy Holiday

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December 26 2017


Keep these things in mind if you don't want to overdo it this year. Remember, it's good to have leftovers.

  1. Portion Distortion

    Don't be a victim of the giant serving spoon. Keep these visual comparisons in mind for portioning. A deck of cards’ worth of turkey is around 3 ounces, a golf ball size of gravy is about ¼ cup, a golf ball size of cranberry sauce is about ¼ cup, a ½ baseball worth of stuffing is around ½ cup, a ½ baseball worth of sweet potato is around ½ cup.

  2. Tricks to Prevent Overeating

    Slow down, chew food thoroughly, and drink water with your meal. Don't waste your calories on foods you can have every day; instead, savor the special foods like stuffing and pie.

  3. A Side of Healthy

    We all know a mound of gravy-topped buttery mashed potatoes sounds tempting, but equally as tasty is a helping of garlicky roasted squash. And for only 100 calories a serving. 

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  4. Commit to Going Outside

    Pack a thermos of hot tea get outside. Go for a winter hike, strap on the snow shoes, build a snowman, or explore a new nature trail. 

  5. Dessert Is Served

    A slice of pecan pie is usually 500-plus calories and more than 30 grams of sugar. Instead, reach for the pumpkin. It's about half. Or give these pumpkin bars a try. 

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